Who I Work With

  • High Achieving Changemaking women who are looking to create change in their career or relationships.

  • Women who are yearning to step into the highest potential for their lives but feel frustrated by repeated patterns of “stuckness” or a sense of giving away their power to other people or through ways of reacting to life that are not that serving them.

  • Women who may not be aware of their blind spots and want to realize their full potential.

  • Women open to new perspectives and new ways of thinking and behaving in pursuit of a more complete sense of themselves.

  • Women willing to show up and do the work even when roadblocks appear, frustrations arrive, and life stays demanding.

Is This you?

  • You’ve reached the middle of your life and the joy and resiliency you use to feel has faded and the possibilities for your life feels elusive.

  • You realize there are parts of yourself you haven’t accessed in years: the playful inner child, the fierce competitor, the confident risk taker or the curious explorer.

  • You’ve been conditioned to believe your power and your worth is located outside yourself, in your titles or roles, in doing for others and fulfilling others’ expectations.

  • Navigating significant change or transition in your career or your relationships feels hard.

Here’s what I learned and know to be true from having given myself permission to “fail” and begin again in my career and my relationship:

In order for our life to reflect who we are, we need to :

  • Be willing to become our own authority.

  • Let go of our fears, and

  • Stop looking outside ourselves for approval and instead

  • Look inside to claim the parts of ourselves we have been denying for years.

The primary barrier to realizing our true potential, in our career or relationship, lies within us.

  •  You can’t access your power if you allow your authority to be diverted.

  •  Your voice needs to be aligned with your values and ALL the parts of yourself to harness its fullest power.

We all deserve Second Chances.  

How I Help my clients

By providing in-depth, heart-centered, individualized support to guide you through the process of identifying goals for reclaiming your power from idea to reality.

All my clients who work with me receive:

  • Customized twice monthly 1 hour in person or virtual recorded sessions.

  • Targeted email support in between sessions.

  • An intuitive reading of your astrological birth chart that serves as a point of reference for our work together.

  • A complimentary 30-minute discovery session to answer your questions and discover how we might work together.

  • A commitment that I will always show up fully to helping you reach your goals. In return I require you to show up fully and commit to taking 100% responsibility for the changes you seek.

the method i’ve designed to support you:

Claiming Your Second Chance Coaching Program

The program is set up in phases, although its best to think of them as layers that become interwoven and which we refer back to again and again.

Our work together becomes an iterative and adaptive process based on fulfilling your unique goals and intentions.


What Invitation is life trying to send you? During this phase of coaching we will explore a deeper truth awaiting you to fulfill your “soul actualization” & map out a plan for realizing it. We will also begin to identify your story that’s been holding you back and no longer serves you.

  • Defining your intention: what do you want to be different in your life?

  • What’s your story you’re ready to release?

  • What are key steps toward fulfilling your intention?

Phase 2. Releasing the past & Our conditioning.

“We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are” — Anais Nin

In order to begin anew we need to be willing to heal our past and release the pain so we aren’t operating from it.   Our work during this phase will focus on identifying the reoccurring obstacles and fears that have prevented you from creating the change you so strongly desire. 

Your astrological or natal birth chart will be a key tool and reference point we will use. Your birth chart is a powerful and compassionate tool for helping you gain clarity on the lens through which you have viewed the world.

Some of the key questions we will explore include:

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses ?

  • What parts of yourself have you rejected or embraced and why? How has this contributed or impeded your overall fulfillment in life?

  • What key patterns of behavior are impeding opportunities for personal growth and achievement?

  • What is the basis or origin for some of your limiting beliefs?

  • Where does resistance show up?

Phase 3. alignING with your core power.

During this phase we will focus on active implementation of changing our patterns of behavior and practicing self-acceptance by building off the self-awareness gained in Phase 2.

Embracing different mindsets and practicing self-compassion is the key to opening ourselves to receiving all the Universe is waiting to offer us.  

During this time we will identify 2-3 key patterns from your birth chart or soul map to begin shifting with a specific focus on:

  • Achieving clarity and confidence around making emotional decisions.

  • Creating a more expansive perspective that allows obstacles to be reframed as opportunities and to see all the possibilities for moving forward.

  • Learning how to stay in your power when life (or someone in it) sends you a curve ball.

  • Transitioning from overwhelm to empowered.

  • Cultivating a mindset of total self acceptance.

  • Identifying and releasing energetic burdens or drains in your life.

  • Connecting with resources and sources of support.

Your Soul Path Sessions: Introductory Coaching Package

With this package you will receive:

  • 2- 1 hour in person or virtual recorded sessions.

  • An overview of your astrological birth chart

  • Clarity on a pattern impeding your growth in a specific area of your life.

  • An opportunity to assess if we are a good fit for working together on a deeper basis.

With this package you will identify a specific point of focus. We will use your astrological birth chart to gain deeper clarity around a pattern that is impeding your growth in this area. During our time together we will identify the source of your true power and any challenges and patterns that may impede your progress.

Your chart is simply an expression of the energetic imprint that was created when you were born. It represents your soul’s agreement with the Universe or as I like to think of it—-the map of your soul’s journey.

Praise from past clients

 “She explained things in a way I could understand with a softness I appreciated and an opening to reflect. Laurel has great insight, communication, and leadership as a coach. I appreciated the safe space she created during our session. She was clearly there as a messenger and not a judge in any way. I also appreciated the amount of time she spent before we met to prepare. In my experience that has been the difference between an excellent coach and an ok coach.” Rebecca G, Small Business Owner

"Laurel really helped me to see the forest for the trees when I was so often lost in the trees! In addition, she was really good at helping me identify all the negative energy that was draining me, especially about myself, and to reframe it " - M. Schaid.

"Laurel helped me find my professional voice. After attending one  of Laurel's trainings, I was prepared and motivated to become a stronger advocate in my professional role.  As a result of what I learned, I made a decision to use my voice in a very high profile and public way to confront an injustice on behalf of our clients.  Thank you!"  - M Berkowitz.

As a coach Laurel offers a combination of strategic vision, empathy, a wealth of personal experience, and the ability to provide thoughtful and tailored guidance on how I could use my voice with more impact in my career. Her ongoing encouragement and direction kept me energized and enthusiastic. In our initial sessions, she provided resources and asked questions that helped me think and rethink the best approach I could implement for advancing a project at work. Without her coaching I would not have been as effective at getting the critical internal support and buy-in needed to advance ”  N. Nichols.