How the Blood Wolf Moon Can Help You Claim Your Second Chance

It was right before the “Great American” total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 that I had a “God” moment followed by a spiritual awakening that changed the course of my life. 

At the end of July, on a whim, I decided to attend an astrology lecture about the Eclipse at a nearby church I had been attending intermittently that summer.  I had never previously cracked a book on astrology or done anything beyond read my daily horoscope.

It was at this lecture that I understood on a deeper level not only the potency of the energy that we would collectively feel, but I learned that the eclipse would impact me personally because my North and South Nodes were in Aquarius and Leo respectively.

The eclipse was the second in an 18-month cycle along the Leo-Aquarius axis,  Balancing the competing energies of these two opposite signs would be at play for most of 2017-2018.  Leo rules the ego and the urge to express our will.  Aquarius is about serving groups and our collective humanity and learning to go with the flow of life.

During a solar eclipse the moon becomes brighter while casting a shadow on the Sun. The moon represents our emotions and our subconscious and it is also associated with the feminine. The Sun represents our Ego and the masculine.

Looking back it gives me chills because the energy was clearly one hinting at a feminine (the Moon in Aquarius) uprising over throwing the patriarchy (the Sun in Leo)---which is exactly what the #MeToo movement  which erupted in November 2017 gave birth to.

 At the time of the eclipse, I was questioning my career.  I had started a nonprofit  consulting business four years ago but things were not going as I had hoped.     It was starting to feel like a familiar pattern of trying to “make” things happen, of not being in flow.

The intention I set for the eclipse was to open myself up to the opportunity to create a Second Chance in not just my business but also my life more broadly, so that things felt easier, less forced.

I had also recently taken a Feminine Power course that had stirred in me some desire i to begin finding ways to specifically support women in their empowerment journeys as well as for myself to begin exercising a more feminine voice.

 And finally, I had just started working with a speaking coach and was part of a collective of 15 women coming together for empowerment around their business. And all of those were set in motion BEFORE the eclipse occurred. I hadn’t connected the dots on any of them until much later.

 Above all, I wanted to become more open and willing to listen to my intuition, my “God” voice about my purpose and what God wanted me to do and let go of always asserting my will. and making things happen.

 Over the next several months, my diary entries confirmed I practiced being open, and less controlling. I began to make small shifts in my life, including the decision to start offering coaching to nonprofit clients. Eventually that experience along with the advice of my coach opened me up to changing my business focus from nonprofits to women’s empowerment.

I had no way of knowing when I took the small steps of adding coaching to my business or attending a lecture on astrology that I would end up combining both of those to form a new business.   But I had a willingness to try something different. To let go of thinking I had all the answers.

 The decision evolved slowly over the next 6-12 months as I allowed myself to grow even more expansive in my thinking and to trust the signs I was being given by the Universe. I met a friend out of the blue who not only was a psychic but encouraged me to bring my growing knowledge and love of astrology into my coaching practice.

I became immersed in astrology because I witnessed first hand how powerful it was in my life.  The more I learned, I was able to receive and understand  astrology as a form of spiritual teaching. I came to view it as a short hand to knowing who we are and being who we are—-in short a way to honor our integrity.

I came to see my birth chart and others’ as the road map for our soul’s evolution.  And I slowly began to notice there was an alignment between my life and the energies I was feeling and the evolving energies of the Universe.  

The energies of the January 5 and January 21 eclipse are still active in us and will be for the next 40 days or so. 

Where are you looking to create change in your career path or in your relationship? What has been coming to an end over the last 18 months and is providing an opportunity for letting go and making space for the new? For me, it has been about letting go of a very old pattern of making things harder than they needed to be, at the cost of often ignoring clear signs being handed to me.

How can you create space in your life for a Second Chance, particularly around being of service to others, in a way that is less ego driven but more about honoring your integrity?

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