Where are You Ready to Replace Restriction with Opportunity in Your Life?

May’s New Moon: Hitting “Reset” on our Abundance Karma

There’s a new moon in Taurus on May 4.   Every month for the two weeks following the new moon, all cosmic influences are filtered through it. The invitation for all of us in May is to slow down and commit to ourselves from a place of love, and intention and purposefulness.  

This particular moon ‘s energies are positively aligned with two celestial power players Saturn and Pluto!  Taurus is the Sign of the Bull, it’s an Earth sign and it’s associated with our physical and emotional vitality, our financial prosperity and our overall sense of self worth and self -love.  Its ruled by Venus.  Saturn is about restriction. The two energies are coming together to and asking us to release ourselves from restriction in our lives.

We are only able to receive love to the extent we love ourselves.  So much of the frustration and pain in our lives ultimately stems because we reject parts of ourselves.   This new moon is giving us a “do-over” in an area of life where we may have rejected a part of ourselves, thus blocking prosperity from our lives.  All material prosperity is ultimately a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.

The new moon is asking us to amp up our self-love and self worth! 

Where in your life are you undervaluing yourself?

There’s a particularly powerful aspect to this new moon that is giving us an opportunity to release the past, and old patterns we may have inherited from our family around bad financial karma or lack of abundance. 

Where are you ready to create a new foundation for more wealth and prosperity by releasing any restrictive patterns of behavior or thinking that are getting in your way?

Because our outer world is merely a reflection of the inner truths we hold about ourselves, when we are feeling “not enough” or less than abundant in some aspect of our life, it inevitably is reflected back to us in terms of less than fulfilling jobs, toxic relationships or stressful circumstances that are depleting us.

We cannot claim our Second Chance in life to establish new beginnings when we are stuck in the past and our old patterns of behavior. This new moon is Giving us all the opportunity to hit the “reset” button in our lives.

Where are you being called to Claim Your Inner Authority?

In addition to the new moon, Saturn goes retrograde on May 1. Saturn represents our Inner Authority.  It serves as an invitation for us to release fears and grow stronger in a particular area of our life. 

Saturn asks us to become our own authority rather than looking outside ourselves or giving away our power to others. 

It is ultimately a planet that can produce tremendously powerful results in our lives, but the process of getting there is not always easy or quick.  Saturn delays giving results for most of us until we reach our 30’s or 40’s.  Until then we may experience Saturn’s energies as self-doubt, fear and restriction. 

When a planet goes retrograde it’s energies turn inward and prompt us to enter a time of self -reflection about those areas of life where we are particularly plagued by a sense of restriction or fear. 

On the flip side, the gift of Saturn is that wherever it appears in your chart that’s typically an area where you experience the most pain and the most growth in your life.  It’s part of your soul’s Divine preparation to claim its desires.

I have to confess that I have a love/ hate relationship with Saturn.  I was born with Saturn retrograde so I have always experienced its energy of restriction and doubt rather intensely.  I can see now that it has been my greatest teacher because it has spurred me to reach my goals even when it hasn’t been easy. I’ve had to dust myself off and start again on many occasions and with each of those it’s been like releasing restriction.  In this sense it can act as a catalyst prompting us to move forward. 


Where in your life are feeling restricted?  Can you identify how this feeing is connected to a larger pattern that’s been part of your life journey? 

What’s one constructive action step you can take to release the restriction and the fear?

And…. most importantly, what is a new intention you can adopt?

Wishing you a joyous May!