Solar Eclipse in Cancer---How do You Create Security for Yourself?

The full solar eclipse on July 2 is occurring in the sign of Cancer. Cancer has everything to do with home, family, nurturing, and how we define and create our own sense of security in the world. The energy of any eclipses is powerful because it is karmic. Its karmic because the North Node of the moon is associated with our destiny in life.

An eclipse is a window of opportunity. Think of it as a personal invitation from the Universe to change and become who you were meant to be.  While change doesn’t always feel comfortable, as we learn to adapt to it we become more powerful.

 Whenever there is an eclipse it is a wonderful time to plant new seeds, to set intentions for new beginnings.  We generally feel the energy of the eclipse up to a month before and for six months to a year after.  Its like the energy of the new moon magnified times 100!

The moon represents our subconscious. So during eclipses our our past wounds and memories may get triggered and provide us with an opportunity to heal them. Its an opportunity to really slow down and reflect.

I’ve been reading “Becoming” by Michelle Obama that tells her story from childhood to becoming First Lady.  And  while I have found myself becoming impatient at how long it takes for her to tell the story of her evolution from south side Chicago girl to First Lady, she does a good job of demonstrating how who we become is a gradual process informed by a series of choices we make in our life every day.  It doesn’t happen overnight. We need to be patient with the process and ourselves.  Eclipses are the one opportunity the Universe gives us to speed up the process, for better or worse.  

The eclipse is also being impacted by the energy of two other planets, Saturn and Pluto. Saturn is the planet of restriction that generally asks us to release something, So what is it about how you currently think of or view security that you are being asked to let go of? And Pluto is the power we grow into over time, after we have done the deeper psychological work to claim it. So this eclipse could bring up old memories and wounds that are time to be released. Are you ready and willing to do this work?

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