Are You Being Compensated for Your Disappointments?

“If we shall be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment.”---Henry Thoreau.

I’ve been thinking a lot about disappointments lately.

One definition of disappointment is, “the experience you feel when you consider what might have been, in contrast to what exists in the present.”

In my own life, it seems that most of my adulthood has been spent learning this lesson.  The most profound lesson without a doubt was in coming to terms with the end of my marriage.  Letting go of the hopes and accepting what was. Looking back I can see that it took me the better part of five years to let go of my hopes of who I wanted my husband to be.  

While I was eventually able to accept his limitations as husband (that is truly the gift of divorce to accept and move on) it took another five years or so to accept his limitations of whom he was able to be as a father. 

He passed away a few months ago from alcoholism. So now there is a finality I’m coming to terms with. The recognition that my hopes for the father I wanted my boys to have will never be met.

There is a raw pain there, in the gap between what we hope for and what actually occurs.  When our disappointment concerns someone that we love the pain can feel almost primal.

In my experience whether we are willing to transform our pain into something constructive and  receive the “compensation” that Thoreau refers to is the difference between living a life of scarcity or abundance.

For better or for worse I’m hard wired to be both extremely sensitive and a pragmatist. A soulful pragmatist, not unlike Thoreau.

It is why I believe in Second Chances so strongly, the idea that we can heal ourselves by learning from our past pain.

Second Chances are our compensation for the Disappointment we receive in life.

Willingness requires both the courage to remain open and vulnerable to feeling the pain again as well as the patience to wait.  Waiting to see if things align differently or if the results change.  

Ultimately, it’s a choice we make whether are going to stay open and curious or closed and shut down. It’s the difference between responding with hope or fear.

If we can sit with our pain, and stay in a place of hope long enough, then curiosity has a chance of taking root within us.

Curiosity is a game changer because it that enables us to shift our perspective on some of the most painful experiences we go through in life.  

The reward is that as we learn, the cycle of disappointment becomes shorter and the lessons it “compensates” us with more transformative.

And if we are lucky, we wake up one day and realize that our view of life, of our situation is changing and the pain is lessening.

Ultimately it is about becoming a Spiritual Warrior. 

A Spiritual Warrior is someone who is willing to shift his or her perspective into one of understanding that everything happens for a reason.  This is only something we can learn through direct experience.  In the abstract it sounds very Pollyannaish.

Shifting our perspective is everything in life.

This is something I continue to learn over time.  Frustrating detours and painful experiences that seem to last forever or far longer than I desired have always been accompanied by periods of tremendous growth. 

I can see now these were periods of time where God was giving me experiences as a way of helping me to shift my perspective, so that I could become open to the next thing in front of me.  It’s not dissimilar to the way a parent needs to let a child fumble and flail until they learn to become upright while learning to walk. 

Are you ready to turn your pain into gain?

Here are  three questions I encourage you to get curious about the next time you’re faced with disappointment:

·      Where in your life have you suffered disappointment repeatedly?  Is there a pattern in terms of how it arises?

·       Are you open to understanding the pattern and the events in a different way?

·      What is the lesson it’s trying to teach you?


Three Keys to Finding our Life Purpose

 “We can change. People say we can’t, but we do when the stakes or the pain is high enough. And when we do, life can change. It offers more of itself when we agree to give up our busyness.” –Ann Lamott


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the relationship between change and finding our life purpose.

Do we change and then life changes in response or is change introduced to us as a way of incentivizing us to change?

While, a lucky few come into this world with a linear path, for many of us, myself included, it’s been a long and windy road

When I was younger and less self -aware it definitely took outside change to prompt me to adjust course.  Looking back I can see that from my very first job as a lawyer, I knew deep inside it was not something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  Which is probably why after 18 months I was asked to move on. For many years I was deeply self critical about the experience. It was only 10 years down the road when my sense of self was more deeply developed that I realized it was a favor or gift the universe had handed me.

My second job in many ways was my most enjoyable. I went to work for a small boutique law firm in D.C. and had an incredible amount of autonomy and responsibility that made me feel powerful.  Ultimately I needed to take the D.C. bar to continue practicing law in D.C.  There was also the small matter of my husband who was still living back in Chicago! So rather than commit to the job, I committed to my husband and moved back to Chicago. The real lesson from that experience was that it helped me clarify what I most needed in a marriage.

My last job working in an association showed me that my real purpose less about w changing laws and policies and more with helping individuals change and evolve and most importantly shift their perspective.

The hardest thing about making any significant transition is the identity change that’s required.  Being a lawyer provided me with a lot security because I was comfortable fulfilling most of the expectations that come with it, including assertiveness and intelligence. What would it mean to become a Life Coach? We are often asked to take leaps of faith before we have answers to all of our questions.

I decided to leave the practice of law because of the constant acrimony and conflict.  Which is funny because if you ask anyone who knows me, you would not consider me to be shy or conflict adverse.

When we are young we lack the maturity and so it is inevitable that we fumble and find our way.   It usually takes pain and discomfort as a catalyst to prompt us make changes and eventually develop the inner clarity to find our way.

I decided to become a life coach because as I evolved, I recognized that it wasn’t about leaving my identity as a lawyer behind, it was about how to integrate the best parts of that role with the person I was becoming.

What I now know to be true as a result of having traversed a lot of different terrains in my career is that there are 3 things that influence our ability to find our Purpose: 1) Curiosity 2) Self -Compassion and 3) Our Receptivity.

If we possess all three of things then making big changes is easier. I now know the reason my transition out the law took so long is that I lacked of self -compassion and the ability to receive..

Receiving requires us to be vulnerable.  It includes the ability to believe that you’re worthy of better things of receiving support and you’re open and willing to ask for help.  This is a key component of becoming an effective networker.  We need to open ourselves up to receiving advice, suggestions, support, and guidance from others.  I eventually learned how to do that and when I did I landed my last and most rewarding job

Self-compassion is probably the hardest earned of all.  I was hard wired to confuse things feeling hard with things being important.  It took navigating a lot of ups and downs in my personal life to teach me that its only when we soften toward ourselves and others that we can be open to receiving and giving ourselves permission to create change.

It’s tempting in life to find the process of our own becoming to be tedious.  But that’s where curiosity comes in.  Fortunately, I have always been innately curious about myself as well as what makes other ticks.  

During all the ups and downs I seldom doubted that I was being detoured.  I learned to enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to learn about myself through my many experiences.

Where are you on your journey to finding your life purpose? Have you unlocked the three keys? I’d love to hear from you....

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Discerning Your Truth

I use to ask my kids whenever they finished an exam, or came back from a game , "Did you try your hardest?" Not, "did you do your best?", but did you try hard? (emphasis on the hard).

I come from a lineage whose motto has been, "If it's not hard it's not important." I'm grateful my kids chose to be my teachers rather than my students, and chucked my advice, and this aspect of our family lineage, to the curb.

My whole life striving and trying hard has been my mantra—my truth— that I've worn as a badge of honor.

Efforting, and persevering and enduring, these were the things that made me feel resilient and by which I defined myself.

Working hours on school work, going to law school, attending top tier college, scholarship to law school, coming back from a mediocre start to law school to graduate with honors, and on and on. I have always pushed myself.

My kids knew something I didn't--it doesn't feel good to always be pushing and making things happen. It wasn’t their truth.

We are energetic beings. We attract what we give out. When we are always trying hard, we become hard on ourselves. And then we attract experiences into our life to prove that.

And slowly we start to forget what it felt like when life was full of ease and joy, wonder and possibilities.

“It's better not to be disappointed”, we tell ourselves. So we endure and play it safe and try hard or stay in situations that feel hard or simply forget to invite joy into our lie. We start to brace ourselves, to be prepared for the next difficult thing life sends our way. Until we are all “armored up” as Brene Brown describes it.

Starting several years ago, after I got divorced, I made a conscious decision to open myself up to a Second Chance as I liked to call it. To start over in many areas of my life. To allow myself to open up to feeling wonder and curiosity again. To let go of needing to always “try hard.”

And one of the greatest gifts I've come to realize is that It's a choice we make every day how we walk through this world. And how we see the world is largely determined by what we hold to be “true.”

It’s both the simplest and hardest truism that I am learning to share with my coaching clients.

My kids taught me that we all have different purposes, and different truths to discover. What might be true or have felt true for me at one point in time, definitely didn’t feel true for them, because it wasn’t their lesson to learn.

We are ultimately all our responsible for what color glasses we choose to put on every day and see the world with, based on the truths we hold. Because perspective in this lifetime is just about everything. And the gift is that perspectives can change as we change.

Discerning our unique Truths is each of our super powers, if we choose to claim it.

Astrology is one of the tools that has helped me understand my truths, where they came from what shaped them, and to

If you’re interested in learning how you can use astrology to help you Discern your Life Purpose, then check out my new Course: 7 Steps to Letting Go of Your Fear of Change & Becoming the Hero You Were Born to Be.

Solar Eclipse in Cancer---How do You Create Security for Yourself?

The full solar eclipse on July 2 is occurring in the sign of Cancer. Cancer has everything to do with home, family, nurturing, and how we define and create our own sense of security in the world. The energy of any eclipses is powerful because it is karmic. Its karmic because the North Node of the moon is associated with our destiny in life.

An eclipse is a window of opportunity. Think of it as a personal invitation from the Universe to change and become who you were meant to be.  While change doesn’t always feel comfortable, as we learn to adapt to it we become more powerful.

 Whenever there is an eclipse it is a wonderful time to plant new seeds, to set intentions for new beginnings.  We generally feel the energy of the eclipse up to a month before and for six months to a year after.  Its like the energy of the new moon magnified times 100!

The moon represents our subconscious. So during eclipses our our past wounds and memories may get triggered and provide us with an opportunity to heal them. Its an opportunity to really slow down and reflect.

I’ve been reading “Becoming” by Michelle Obama that tells her story from childhood to becoming First Lady.  And  while I have found myself becoming impatient at how long it takes for her to tell the story of her evolution from south side Chicago girl to First Lady, she does a good job of demonstrating how who we become is a gradual process informed by a series of choices we make in our life every day.  It doesn’t happen overnight. We need to be patient with the process and ourselves.  Eclipses are the one opportunity the Universe gives us to speed up the process, for better or worse.  

The eclipse is also being impacted by the energy of two other planets, Saturn and Pluto. Saturn is the planet of restriction that generally asks us to release something, So what is it about how you currently think of or view security that you are being asked to let go of? And Pluto is the power we grow into over time, after we have done the deeper psychological work to claim it. So this eclipse could bring up old memories and wounds that are time to be released. Are you ready and willing to do this work?

To learn more about how the the individual areas of your life are being impacted by the eclipse join me on Facebook Live at 3:12 pm CST (Laurel O’Sullivan, THE Woman’s Coach, link below).








Where are You Ready to Replace Restriction with Opportunity in Your Life?

May’s New Moon: Hitting “Reset” on our Abundance Karma

There’s a new moon in Taurus on May 4.   Every month for the two weeks following the new moon, all cosmic influences are filtered through it. The invitation for all of us in May is to slow down and commit to ourselves from a place of love, and intention and purposefulness.  

This particular moon ‘s energies are positively aligned with two celestial power players Saturn and Pluto!  Taurus is the Sign of the Bull, it’s an Earth sign and it’s associated with our physical and emotional vitality, our financial prosperity and our overall sense of self worth and self -love.  Its ruled by Venus.  Saturn is about restriction. The two energies are coming together to and asking us to release ourselves from restriction in our lives.

We are only able to receive love to the extent we love ourselves.  So much of the frustration and pain in our lives ultimately stems because we reject parts of ourselves.   This new moon is giving us a “do-over” in an area of life where we may have rejected a part of ourselves, thus blocking prosperity from our lives.  All material prosperity is ultimately a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.

The new moon is asking us to amp up our self-love and self worth! 

Where in your life are you undervaluing yourself?

There’s a particularly powerful aspect to this new moon that is giving us an opportunity to release the past, and old patterns we may have inherited from our family around bad financial karma or lack of abundance. 

Where are you ready to create a new foundation for more wealth and prosperity by releasing any restrictive patterns of behavior or thinking that are getting in your way?

Because our outer world is merely a reflection of the inner truths we hold about ourselves, when we are feeling “not enough” or less than abundant in some aspect of our life, it inevitably is reflected back to us in terms of less than fulfilling jobs, toxic relationships or stressful circumstances that are depleting us.

We cannot claim our Second Chance in life to establish new beginnings when we are stuck in the past and our old patterns of behavior. This new moon is Giving us all the opportunity to hit the “reset” button in our lives.

Where are you being called to Claim Your Inner Authority?

In addition to the new moon, Saturn goes retrograde on May 1. Saturn represents our Inner Authority.  It serves as an invitation for us to release fears and grow stronger in a particular area of our life. 

Saturn asks us to become our own authority rather than looking outside ourselves or giving away our power to others. 

It is ultimately a planet that can produce tremendously powerful results in our lives, but the process of getting there is not always easy or quick.  Saturn delays giving results for most of us until we reach our 30’s or 40’s.  Until then we may experience Saturn’s energies as self-doubt, fear and restriction. 

When a planet goes retrograde it’s energies turn inward and prompt us to enter a time of self -reflection about those areas of life where we are particularly plagued by a sense of restriction or fear. 

On the flip side, the gift of Saturn is that wherever it appears in your chart that’s typically an area where you experience the most pain and the most growth in your life.  It’s part of your soul’s Divine preparation to claim its desires.

I have to confess that I have a love/ hate relationship with Saturn.  I was born with Saturn retrograde so I have always experienced its energy of restriction and doubt rather intensely.  I can see now that it has been my greatest teacher because it has spurred me to reach my goals even when it hasn’t been easy. I’ve had to dust myself off and start again on many occasions and with each of those it’s been like releasing restriction.  In this sense it can act as a catalyst prompting us to move forward. 


Where in your life are feeling restricted?  Can you identify how this feeing is connected to a larger pattern that’s been part of your life journey? 

What’s one constructive action step you can take to release the restriction and the fear?

And…. most importantly, what is a new intention you can adopt?

Wishing you a joyous May!





It's the Spring Equinox & a Super Moon! Where are you Being Called to Begin Anew from a place of Greater Inner Balance?

What new beginnings are calling you?

Yesterday’s Spring Equinox coincided with the restart of the Zodiac Calendar and the Sun moving directly above the equator into fiery willful Aries.  Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. It’s an invitation to connect with our masculine, to set new goals, to create new beginnings and to get moving physically while taking clear steps forward.

And the Sun is aligned with Chiron.  When two planets are aligned or next to each other they absorb each other’s energy and act as one super planet.

Chiron is an asteroid that symbolizes the wounded parts of us from the past that are yet to be healed.  Chiron next to the Sun in Aries is as a reminder that as we come out of our winter slumber to begin anew we still can’t ignore the darker parts of ourselves.

How can you find internal balance in the midst of external change and transition?

This year’s Spring Equinox is particularly unique because of the  full Super Moon that occurred opposite the Sun in the sign of Libra at 8:42 pm CST on March 20.

During a full Moon the Sun and Moon oppose each other and the Moon reflects back the light of the Sun to fully expose itself.  During a Super Moon, the Moon travels closer to the Earth and we feel its energies more acutely because it’s amplified.

The energy being magnified is all about creating harmony and balance, in ourselves, and in our relationships, despite what may be happening in the world around us.

Are you following me so far?

Let me break it down a bit. 

Because when we tune in to the energies the Universe is sending us, it’s like we have our own specialized GPS for navigating life.

Reconciling “Me vs. We”

When we experience opposing energies, whether in our individual birth chart or as part of broader planetary shifts, we are being invited to go inward and integrate two seemingly opposing energies.  

Full moons are about closures and the Sun in Aries is about new beginnings. 

The Moon is asking us to create balance in our relationships while the energy of Aries is about asserting ourselves.

The combined energies of the Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra asks us to embrace a certain duality that is inherent in life but not always easy to accept. 

On the one hand we are being asked to leverage any intuitive insights we may have just acquired while the Sun was in Pisces to initiate new projects or accept a new leadership role.

And on the other hand, we are being asked to find a balance between others and ourselves in the world around us.  It could be our family, our workplace, our community or society and the world more broadly (let’s face it there is A LOT of turmoil happening right now in the world).

I don’t know about you, but I find this particular request from the Universe to be a uniquely challenging one.

Some of you know that a little over five years ago I quit my full time job, got remarried, became a mom to a blended family of 5 kids and started a new business empowering nonprofits to use their voice.   To say it was “a lot” is an understatement.  And on top of it I found myself traveling and being invited to give keynote talks to large audiences of hundreds of people.

Instead of growing a profitable business, most of the past five years were spent trying to re-center myself in my new life.  I had to learn to release old patterns of over doing while leaning into a whole new identity as a stepmother for which I felt vastly under prepared.  

In truth learning to balance “me” vs. “we” is THE life lesson of my chart.  It’s why I attracted the life experiences into my life of divorce and remarriage along with numerous other transitions.

Not only am I an Aries Ascendant but my chart has a pattern where this exact energetic pattern plays out.  For this reason it’s a particular area of focus I often help my clients navigate.  How do we give to ourselves while also caring for others? How do we prioritize ourselves as mothers or caregivers?

Being able to go within and find the calm amidst the chaos and noise that swirls around us constantly is a necessary pre-requisite for being able to claim our inner authority. 

And claiming our inner authority is a necessary perquisite for being able to pivot and creating new beginnings that are nurturing and sustaining rather than draining.

Where in your life are you being called to leverage energy for greater results?

What aspect of your life feels particularly out of balance? Could it be improved by grounding yourself more deeply within yourself, so you’re not feeling stretched too thin and in effective? Meditation and journaling are two examples of simple daily practices that help with this. Working with a coach is another.

Would you or someone you know benefit from coaching?  I know that magical things can happen when we commit ourselves to new beginnings.

I offer free strategy sessions to help clarify and pinpoint what is preventing you from reaching your goals.  Here’s a link to sign up:



What The Heck Does Mars & Uranus Meeting in the Sky Have to do with Self Love?

This morning I did something I seldom do. I made breakfast for my family.  I'm sharing this, not because the event itself was significant, but because what motivated it was pure and simple love, and the pure joy I felt in delivering such a simple act.

Turns out this Epiphany (yes it was one) is also directly related to an unusual and significant meeting in the sky this week of Mars and Uranus.

When Mars and Uranus meet the Universe is asking us —-Do You See Life Differently? Did you get the Lesson I was trying to teach you?

Mars governs our will, our sense of drive and determination and Uranus governs our inner quest for truth and individual freedom. According to Evolutionary Astrologist Jeffrey Green, Uranus is calling us to be more of whom we were created to be, not conditioned to be.

I didn’t realize it but making breakfast represented a culmination of years of efforts to undue how I was conditioned around giving and receiving. Who knew such a simple act as making breakfast could have such big ramifications?

But that’s how it often works in life, right? It’s not always or even often the significant events that stand out as our biggest growth opportunities.

 I was raised in a house where expectations were often attached to giving. And where you looked outside yourself for approval. I've spent most of my adult life learning how to give and receive from a place of genuine love, no expectations, no resentments. 

Trust me when I say this has been a journey.  

My mode of operation for most of my life has been a mix of always be in control (which I confused with being responsible) always be strong, always be doing, always proving. 

Throw into the mix, a natural independence streak, a career as a lawyer that encouraged more of the same, and a divorce that seemed to affirm my belief that the only person I can rely upon is myself---and I have been pretty wired for most of my life to repel receiving from others. 

And then five years ago I opened myself up enough to receive my Second Chance chance to learn about giving and receiving love with Tim and our five children.

In the beginning blending families was rough. I'm not going to sugar coat it.  It is possibly one of the most difficult things you can do.  Add to the mix that we had two teens and two tweens and the amount of neediness could have filled a semi-truck.  It felt crushing to me because as the mom, I thought it was my role to fill everyone's void.

I quickly reverted to my autopilot mode of overdoing.  I'm sure, on an unconscious level, I was hoping all these unsolicited acts of "doing" would result in my proverbial cup running over with the heaps of love I would receive because everyone would appreciate me so, so much.

You can probably guess that didn't happen.  In fact the opposite happened.  Not only did no one appreciate my martyrdom, I went down the all too familiar rabbit hole of losing myself in 'service' of doing for others. And my cup became very, very dry.

This mode of hyper independence, and over giving, also meant I didn’t have a lot left over to give to my new consulting business.

One of the gifts of opening ourselves up to receiving support from another, whether it’s a spouse or a partner or a co-parent is the sense of spaciousness that comes from knowing someone else has got your back. That you alone are not responsible for shouldering either the psychic load or the financial load. And the opportunity to learn to fill ourselves up with love from ourselves first.

I can't know for sure, but in the beginning I was so desperate for relief from feeling the heavy feeling of being a single mom, that I gobbled up the support that was offered.

I prioritized self-care in a more significant way, and I became self employed when we got married, I had some flexibility to learn from setbacks and disappointments instead of just “soldiering on.” 

Eventually this combination led to course correcting in some pretty big areas where I realized I wasn’t feeling nourished, including switching careers and ending certain friendships.

As my cup began to fill up, I noticed a more expanded sense of generosity, toward myself and others. There was more of a lightness to my interactions.   It feels deeply affirming because I receive from and am nourished at a much deeper soul level from my clients and the work I do then I ever did as a consultant.   

And as it often the case when I notice shifts in my energy, I tune in and pay attention to what is happening astrologically.

This week it felt as if the expansiveness multiplied ten more fold.  And it makes sense given the unusual conjunction of Mars and Uranus. . 

And it dawns on me that this expansiveness I’m feeling inside is a reflection of the energetic shake up the Universe is expressing. 

As above so below.

Uranus has been in Aries for nearly 9 years.  Testing all of us around our ability to assert ourselves (assertion is one of the primary expressions of Aries’ energy) and our own unique truth.

(Look out Taurus.  You’re next when Uranus moves into Taurus around March 19.  Wherever Uranus goes, there are profound shake-ups to the status quo.)

Aries falls in my First House, or the house of self, where we take our stand and make our choices in life. Where we define ourselves.

It feels particularly significant, and the most wonderful Valentines Day gift imaginable to be sharing this delightful new perspective on my own expanded capacity for love.

I've learned that until we truly love ourselves unconditionally it's hard to not only receive but to give with no expectations

When we are needy, there is a weightiness to our interactions with others that is subtle but real and repels the natural flow of giving and receiving. 

It seems like on Valentines Day everything we read is “other oriented,” telling others we love them, looking to others to fill us up.

Don’t get me wrong. I'm a huge fan of expressing our love for others.

But at the risk of sounding cliché, and especially as women, its imperative, because we are the caretakers, that we always need to remember to “put on our oxygen mask first.”  Martyrdom is generally short lived and of little value to others if we are incapacitated.

What made the breakfast thing so special, unlike many hundreds if not thousands of meals before it, wasn’t the act, but the feeling of generosity, not expectation (mine or others’) that prompted it. The feeling of delicious self love.

My wish for you is to experience your own Epiphany this week that leads to a renewed commitment to love yourself fiercely and undeniably regardless of response from another.  And your family and friends, like mine, will be nourished and fed by your expansiveness.



How the Blood Wolf Moon Can Help You Claim Your Second Chance

It was right before the “Great American” total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 that I had a “God” moment followed by a spiritual awakening that changed the course of my life. 

At the end of July, on a whim, I decided to attend an astrology lecture about the Eclipse at a nearby church I had been attending intermittently that summer.  I had never previously cracked a book on astrology or done anything beyond read my daily horoscope.

It was at this lecture that I understood on a deeper level not only the potency of the energy that we would collectively feel, but I learned that the eclipse would impact me personally because my North and South Nodes were in Aquarius and Leo respectively.

The eclipse was the second in an 18-month cycle along the Leo-Aquarius axis,  Balancing the competing energies of these two opposite signs would be at play for most of 2017-2018.  Leo rules the ego and the urge to express our will.  Aquarius is about serving groups and our collective humanity and learning to go with the flow of life.

During a solar eclipse the moon becomes brighter while casting a shadow on the Sun. The moon represents our emotions and our subconscious and it is also associated with the feminine. The Sun represents our Ego and the masculine.

Looking back it gives me chills because the energy was clearly one hinting at a feminine (the Moon in Aquarius) uprising over throwing the patriarchy (the Sun in Leo)---which is exactly what the #MeToo movement  which erupted in November 2017 gave birth to.

 At the time of the eclipse, I was questioning my career.  I had started a nonprofit  consulting business four years ago but things were not going as I had hoped.     It was starting to feel like a familiar pattern of trying to “make” things happen, of not being in flow.

The intention I set for the eclipse was to open myself up to the opportunity to create a Second Chance in not just my business but also my life more broadly, so that things felt easier, less forced.

I had also recently taken a Feminine Power course that had stirred in me some desire i to begin finding ways to specifically support women in their empowerment journeys as well as for myself to begin exercising a more feminine voice.

 And finally, I had just started working with a speaking coach and was part of a collective of 15 women coming together for empowerment around their business. And all of those were set in motion BEFORE the eclipse occurred. I hadn’t connected the dots on any of them until much later.

 Above all, I wanted to become more open and willing to listen to my intuition, my “God” voice about my purpose and what God wanted me to do and let go of always asserting my will. and making things happen.

 Over the next several months, my diary entries confirmed I practiced being open, and less controlling. I began to make small shifts in my life, including the decision to start offering coaching to nonprofit clients. Eventually that experience along with the advice of my coach opened me up to changing my business focus from nonprofits to women’s empowerment.

I had no way of knowing when I took the small steps of adding coaching to my business or attending a lecture on astrology that I would end up combining both of those to form a new business.   But I had a willingness to try something different. To let go of thinking I had all the answers.

 The decision evolved slowly over the next 6-12 months as I allowed myself to grow even more expansive in my thinking and to trust the signs I was being given by the Universe. I met a friend out of the blue who not only was a psychic but encouraged me to bring my growing knowledge and love of astrology into my coaching practice.

I became immersed in astrology because I witnessed first hand how powerful it was in my life.  The more I learned, I was able to receive and understand  astrology as a form of spiritual teaching. I came to view it as a short hand to knowing who we are and being who we are—-in short a way to honor our integrity.

I came to see my birth chart and others’ as the road map for our soul’s evolution.  And I slowly began to notice there was an alignment between my life and the energies I was feeling and the evolving energies of the Universe.  

The energies of the January 5 and January 21 eclipse are still active in us and will be for the next 40 days or so. 

Where are you looking to create change in your career path or in your relationship? What has been coming to an end over the last 18 months and is providing an opportunity for letting go and making space for the new? For me, it has been about letting go of a very old pattern of making things harder than they needed to be, at the cost of often ignoring clear signs being handed to me.

How can you create space in your life for a Second Chance, particularly around being of service to others, in a way that is less ego driven but more about honoring your integrity?

 If you’re looking to create change and curious whether coaching might help you accomplish it, then sign up for a free 30 minute coaching session with me to find out.